@awalvie That's a good list of books! Kallocain by Karin Boye may be a worthy addition. Especially if the Huxley books leave you craving for more.

@laura @aral Thanks for making these shows. I follow Paul's work and yours, so it was great seeing all three of you chat for a while. Also, the generosity of gifting us with not just one but two sign-offs. 😂

@bjoreman Couldn't agree more. I remember getting started with Ruby and stumbling upon "the poignant guide." That book blew me away – it's a work of art. poignant.guide

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@exquisitecorp Tap the thumbnail to give the image a description. Weird thing though: it is not enough to give Toot! permission to use the camera. I had to give permission to read the photo library as well, for the thumbnail to show up. A bug, maybe?

@ulPa @wilw I enjoy Feedbin for its privacy policy and the fact that it lets me consume RSS, Twitter, and email newsletters from a single user interface.

@peter You could use ProtonMail Bridge and your favorite email client to get a searchable index on your computer. It works well, with the added benefit of being a local backup of all your precious emails.

But it sure is a compromise, and I hope ProtonMail will add support for a local index in the web and mobile clients as well. Maybe by taking an approach similar to Tutanota's?



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